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Lamba Labs Wish List

The items listed below are things we really want and would be very beneficial additions to Lamba Labs community space!

- Makerbot Replicator 2:

  Prices: (U.S) $2,200, (LEB) $3,000 est. (?)
  Requested by: Marc

- Oscilloscope:

  Prices: 600$ (OWON brand at EKT) - can go up to 2000$
  Requested by: Marc - Bassam

- First Aid Kit

  Prices: $50 - $100
  Requested by: Marc-bassam-Raja

- Fire Extinguisher

  Price: around 20$
  Requested by: Bassam

- Laser cutter

  Requested by: Bassam- Raja - Marc

- Clay Kiln

  Price: 1200$
  Requested by: Hassane - Tamima - Raja- Bilal!!! (HAHA!)

- Materials for painting

  Requested by: lamba’s artists - Raja (this item needs elaboration and pricing)

- Silkscreen Printing materials

  110 16x20 in. Wooden screen, $17.95
  156 16x20 in. Wooden screen, $18.50
  (we need more screens so that we have a permanent Lamba sceen, one screen reserved for causes, like     Woman’s Uprising now and when that’s done, something else semi-permanent, and then 2 for actual members to use since we can’t tell members they can print what they want but “hey, guess what? there are never screens available for actual use)
  Chemical Starter Kit (contains all chemicals for screen printing in quarts), $119.98
  (some of these will run out shortly and they are required in maintaining the screens and perpetuating the process)
  Variety of acryllic inks, $11, each
  Silkscreen fabric gel (retarder) for the ink, ~$18
  (all prices do not include shipping)
  Requested by: Raja

- 10 Couches

  Price: 330 $ (33$ each)
  Requested by: Everyone at Lamba Labs, Mahdi

- Video Recording Kit (Camera, Lights, Stand and Microfone)

  Price: $600+(2x$650)+$130+$100 = $2130
  Kit: Canon 600D, Two IANIRO 800W Redhead Light and Stand, Audio Technica ATR288W: VHF TwinMic™, Tripod
  We want to record workshops and share them with the 
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