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Space Status Tool

Project Description

Like all hackerspaces the need to know if the space is open or closed is essential to members who don't have keys to access the space. So we created our own version of a space notification system that will indicate the status of the space.

The tool uses an Arduino controlled switch, it communicates the status of the space to cosm which then relays the status to the wiki widget found in the sidebar on your left or to this page (which is more mobile friendly) Status Tool.

Soon we will integrate 3 more features:

  1. Space Status Log. (Completed)
  2. Email based notification for subscribers.
  3. Integration with Hackerspaces Global Status (Completed)

The code is currently open sourced and available on Github (including the designs and soon the architecture and documentation to build it) and can be found here: Code. (The repository also includes the Arduino code).

How To Build Your Own

Box Design

The plexiglass box is initially designed using an OpenSCAD script created by bvesperman. You can find the openSCAD script here and the AutoCAD file for our specific box design (with the LLBH logo) here.


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