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Systems & Infrastructure Group

The Systems & Infrastructure Group is a subcommittee of Lamba Labs responsible for the management, implementation and support of the infrastructural operational systems at LLBH. The division was created on Thursday April 11th 2013. Although partially labeled IT Division the work of this group will branch more towards Software Development, Engineering and Research in all the major computation disciplines.

1. Mission Statement

  • Develop, maintain, update and implement the Quarterly/Yearly IT Infrastructure plan for LLBH.
  • Decision making with regard to all the operational systems critical to LLBH's day to day workflow.
  • Develop, implement and enforce preventive security measures.
  • Technical Assistance/Support to other sub-committees or members in need of assistance.
  • Availability to take reactive or preventive measures in case of downtime.
  • Offer technical consultancy to members who are in need of it for their projects.

2. Future Goals

  • Development of Tools and Systems to solve current and future Global Hackerspaces needs.
  • Contributions to the software and hardware open source communities by open sourcing internally developed systems.
  • Contributions to the local and global communities through workshops, papers and blog posts about the latest happenings and research areas in the IT and Software Development worlds.

3. The Team

Currently LLBH necessitates 3 team members for this division's operation.

  1. Lead System Administrator
  2. On-Demand System Administrator(s) [x2]

Members Holding The Positions:

  1. On-Demand SA: Hassane Slaibi
  2. On-Demand SA: Open for volunteers

4. The Strategy for 2013

The current strategy for the division is managing and overseeing the implementation of the plan detailed in the diagram (mind-map) below:

4.1 Implementation Details

4.1.1 Choice of Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This process was initiated by determining the minimum specifications of a server depending on the needs of LLBH's online presence. After doing a brief market study and analysis of VPS providers we were able to specify the important criteria to look and direct our choice.

The data collected and choice of proper provider can be found in the following downloadable excel sheet. (Note: this brief study might become obsolete in the duration of months as the packages provided by the vendors vary frequently depending on the market demand).


The criteria that played the essential role in the decision making process were (by order of importance):

  1. Scalability
  2. Cost vs Value
  3. Packages and flexibility
  4. Recommendations

4.1.2 MailServer & Distribution Lists

For months and since the inception of LLBH we have relied on Google Groups as the main system of communication. However after a while, this mailing list was heavily consumed by its members and the number of received emails per day was staggering. For this reason we decided as part of the new infrastructure to create Distribution Lists for specific Teams, Subcommittees and Project Leaders at LLBH.

The current mailserver in use is Postfix.

Here are the current Distribution Lists:

  • : Systems & Infrastructure Group's contact list
  • : LLBH Board Member's contact list
  • : Contact & Communication list

4.1.3 IRC Presence

All hackerspaces need a realtime communication platform with minimal delay and lag. What's better than Internet Relay Chat ( IRC) to provide that?

We are currently present on the Freenode servers. Freenode is running by volunteers from the FOSS community and the server's philosophy meets our internal mission statement.

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667
  • Channel: #LLBH

You can either use an IRC client such as ( mIRC, irssi, Adium, XChat or others).

For total beginners you can use our WebClient (It's super easy).

Note: Virgil is currently the bot responsible for automating the maintenance of the channel.

4.1.4 GitHub / Open Sourced Code

Part of our mission is to contribute to the open source community. Keep an eye on our Github repository for the updated releases of our internal tools and public projects.

LambaLabs on Github

4.1.5 Space Status Tool

Like all hackerspaces the need to know if the space is open or closed is essential to members who don't have keys to access the space. So we created our own version of a space notification system that will indicate the status of the space.

More information can be found here: Space Status Tool

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