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The benefits of being a Lamba

Lamba Labs is community. It is YOU!

As a member you will have access to the space, to the tools and to the shared expertise pool of the collective Lambas (your expertise will be added to the pool). Instead of spending your days in coffe shops with bad internet and noisy environment, you can come work at Lamba labs, we have :

  • High speed internet
  • Tools such as 3D printer, Silk Printing kit and anything needed for electronic prototyping and development: soldering stations, power supply, Chips, resistances capacitors, Arduinos and various sensors and actuators etc
  • Located at Karaj : A very nice space with a big kitchen and a nice Garden. In Mar Mkhayel right in the heart of Beirut, Karaj provides the perfect setting to be creative and get your work done.
  • Most Importantly If you become a member you will help in making the Lamba Labs community. You will be the community. Using your membership fee we can get to pay rent and pay the utilities, but most importantly you can share your know how with the rest of us just like we will share ours with you. And you will get to work on your projects or other super awesomely cool interdisciplinary projects related to electronics, software, art etc.

The membership options *

- 40$ member for a month - 1$/day member for a year. (360$/year)

* The reason for membership is to be able to pay rent and utilities. Anybody is welcome at Lamba Labs so please let us know if you cannot afford any of these options and we will see how you can get to be a member while helping the community.

Let's keep the Lamba Lit!

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