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Internet privacy workshop series: Cryptography by Nadim Kobeissi


Securing data has become an integral part of the lives of regular computer users as well as web developers, software engineers and business owners. In this workshop, learn the basics of cryptography engineering. This is an advanced workshop geared at computer engineers only.

We will cover:

  1. An introduction to cryptography philosophy and history
  2. Current cryptography standards
  3. Symmetric ciphers (block ciphers and stream ciphers)
  4. Hashing algorithms
  5. Authentication
  6. Public key cryptography

Bring your laptop!There will be handouts and public exercises.

Audience Expertise Level

The workshop requires good knowledge in computer engineering and basic knowledge in algebra.

About the host

Nadim Kobeissi is an independent computer security researcher and hacker based in Montreal, Canada. He is known for having developed Cryptocat, an open-source encrypted web chat client, and for founding and managing Anapnea, a public access shell network that operated from 2007 to 2012.

Attendance Fee

The attendance fee for this workshop is $20. The money will go to sustain our space and pay our rent. Geek Express will also be making profit from the event.

Date & Time

Wednesday 19th of December Time: 7pm till 9pm


As part of a collaboration between Lamba Labs Hackerspace community and Geek Express this workshop along with a few others will be hosted at Geek Express

Beirut Digital District,
Bldg. 1082,
Nassif Al Yazagi street,
Bachoura, Beirut

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