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 +====== Creative Photography with Mahdi Zahreddine =====
 +{{ :​creative.jpg?​200|}}
 +===== Description =====
 +This is the same precursor to a series of photography workshops that will be given by Lamba Labs member and photography enthusiast, Mahdi Zahreddine. ​
 +This introductory workshop will introduce the basic principles of digital photography (theory) including: how a camera works, a camera'​s anatomy, as well as a camera'​s major components and accessories.
 +During the series of workshops, you'll also explore the less automatic and more hands-on side of photography and learn about exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and white balance settings.
 +Mahdi will explain some photography concepts such as: composition and framing, focus (auto vs. manual – in light and dark conditions),​ the bokeh effects, as well as noise and distortion.
 +He'll also share some simple tips like the rule of thirds, tilt shift and blurring, depth of field utilization,​ and more!
 +You'll also get to discuss and possibly experiment with some creative photography styles, like: light painting, time-lapse, water drop collision, orbits and steelwool, water splash captures, and star trails.
 +That's a whole lot to absorb so make sure you're on time and ready! Also, it IS highly recommended that you begin attending this workshop from the very beginning.
 +===== Audience Skill Level =====
 +Beginner- NO specific background required.
 +===== Tools Required =====
 +Please bring along your cameras and tripods (if you have any).
 +===== About the Host =====
 +Mahdi Zahreddine is an early career Mechanical Engineer who graduated in 2010 from the American University of Beirut, a Supply Chain Manager at a local perfume production company, a member of “Lamba Labs Beirut Hackerspace” and an active volunteer with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
 +Stumbling upon the famous iPhone app in 2011,​”Instagram”,​ Mahdi soon became an amateur photography geek. Since then he spent his free time developing his passion to photography,​ exploring new styles and techniques, and freezing time in a rectangle.
 +===== Date and Time=====
 +Tuesday 26th of February @ 8pm
 +===== Location =====
 +Karaj, Mar Mikhayel, Corniche el Nahr street,
 +Past Electricite du Liban,
 +Right after Banque BLC, first building on the right,
 +Same building as the restaurant 3enab
 +Geara (pink) building, first floor.
 +For more information,​ please call 00961 3 101121.
 +map: http://​​maps/​wOlQ3
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