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Combining Arduino and Processing by Marc Farra


Join Lamba Labs this wednesday at Geek Express for a “Combining Arduino hardware with Processing software”workshop. This workshop is part of a sequel of three workshops prepared by Lamba Labs at Geek Express:

  1. Introduction to Arduino
  2. Introduction to Processing
  3. Combining Arduino hardware with Processing software

These workshops are not only dedicated to makers and developers but also to artists and designers. Both Arduino and Processing have facilitated the spread of hands on learning in the maker culture. Arduino is a simple electronics platform designed for artists, designers and hobbyists. Processing on the other hand is a software tool designed to simplify the creation of images, animations, music and interactions. What if we could combine them?

At Lamba Labs, our makers have used this combination of open source software and hardware to create awesome projects:

  • ‘Laser Harp’ Arduino system with infrared sensors that creates music through Processing!
  • Face Tracking robot that reads the image through Processing, detects a face and controls the motors on an Arduino board!

We will start the discussion by learning the basics of creating a communication link between Arduino and Processing. You will then work on a simple project that you can complete at the workshop.

Tools Required

Bring your laptop with Arduino and Processing installed on it! You can find the software at and

Audience Expertise Level

This workshop requires a basic knowledge of Arduino and Processing. It is recommended that you have already taken an introduction to Arduino and an introduction to Processing either at Lamba Labs or at another workshop.

About the Host

Date & Time

Wednesday 2nd of January
Time: 7pm till 9pm

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