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Code Night! Web app in < 10k


This is a mini-hackathon we are hosting for programmers with a specific theme: create a web application in less than 10KB of code! We will be using the same rules as so look them up at their website. We hope this will be a fun and challenging event for programmers so come on over to the space! There will be a prize for the programmer that demonstrates the most impressive application in terms of UI, features and/or functionality squeezed in 10k.

Tools Required

Bring your laptops with your tools of the trade, this is going to be an intensive code night. Don't forget your laptop charger!

Audience Expertise Level

Attendees to this event should be familiar with creating a web app. The challenge is to minify all your code in less than 10kb without using a library other than JQuery. Beginners are welcome to join in on the fun (Challenging yourself is a great way to learn!)

Date & Time

Friday 25th of January
Time: 8pm

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