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 ====== Introduction to Personal Fabrication Tools ====== ====== Introduction to Personal Fabrication Tools ======
 +{{ :​203521_510621435649840_239957532_n.jpg?​direct&​200|}}
 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-This workshop will show and explain ​the usage of tools used for DIY fabrication such as 3D printersCNC machines and milling toolsMore details to come soon!+How many of you have experienced the following: you have a great idea for an object/​product/​invention,​ you start putting the pieces together in your head, and BAM! you realize that you can't get those pieces in real life! Wouldn'​t it be awesome to fabricate your own small parts, then? 
 +Well that's entirely possible and simpler than you might think! At this Intro to Personal Fabrication Tools workshop, Sabine ​will share her knowledge of personal fabrication machines ​and the different things they can do. There'​ll even be some models on-hand for you to check out. In the end, you may even get your hands on them and fabricate something! 
 +===== About the Host ===== 
 +Sabine El Kahi received a BE in electromechanical engineering from ESIB-USJ before pursuing her ME in mechanical engineering from AUB. During her graduate studies, she relied on a lot of DIY projects to help her resolve issues within her research. She found DIY so exciting that she searched ​for the tools to make DIY projects even more accessible. That's how Sabine came to found ACCU 3D MODELan establishment that started providing small customizable ​machines ​for model makers, designers, ​and prototypers. 
 +=====Date and Time===== 
 +Thursday 17th of January @ 8pm 
 +=====Location ===== 
 +Karaj, Mar Mikhayel, Corniche el Nahr street, ​ \\ 
 +Past Electricite du Liban, ​ \\ 
 +Right after Banque BLC, first building on the right, \\ 
 +Same building as the restaurant 3enab  \\ 
 +Geara (pink) building, first floor.\\ 
 +For more information,​ please call 00961 3 101121.\\ 
 +map: http://​​maps/​wOlQ3 
 +=====External Links===== 
 +Facebook: [[https://​​events/​510621435649840/​]]
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