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Introduction to Personal Fabrication Tools


How many of you have experienced the following: you have a great idea for an object/product/invention, you start putting the pieces together in your head, and BAM! you realize that you can't get those pieces in real life! Wouldn't it be awesome to fabricate your own small parts, then?

Well that's entirely possible and simpler than you might think! At this Intro to Personal Fabrication Tools workshop, Sabine will share her knowledge of personal fabrication machines and the different things they can do. There'll even be some models on-hand for you to check out. In the end, you may even get your hands on them and fabricate something!

About the Host

Sabine El Kahi received a BE in electromechanical engineering from ESIB-USJ before pursuing her ME in mechanical engineering from AUB. During her graduate studies, she relied on a lot of DIY projects to help her resolve issues within her research. She found DIY so exciting that she searched for the tools to make DIY projects even more accessible. That's how Sabine came to found ACCU 3D MODEL, an establishment that started providing small customizable machines for model makers, designers, and prototypers.

Date and Time

Thursday 17th of January @ 8pm


Karaj, Mar Mikhayel, Corniche el Nahr street,
Past Electricite du Liban,
Right after Banque BLC, first building on the right,
Same building as the restaurant 3enab
Geara (pink) building, first floor.
For more information, please call 00961 3 101121.

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