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-====== Introduction to Processing ​with Maya Kreidieh======+====== ​An Introduction to Processing ​by Maya Kreidieh ======
-More details coming soon!+===== Description ===== 
 +Processing ​ is an open source environment that allows people to create images, animations and interactions. Given its simplicity, it is not restricted to engineers. It empowers artists, hobbyists, and all creative people to graphically visualize their ideas with little background in programming and computer graphics. ​ We will cover the basics of programming and of processing. We will create a simple animation and discuss potential uses of processing in creating generative art, data visualizations,​ animations, interactive interfaces and so on. 
-Facebook ​page: https://​​events/​301968729932124/​+Bring your laptop with Processing installed on it! You can find the software at http://​​ 
 +===== Audience Expertise Level ===== 
 +The workshop assumes no previous knowledge in programming. Everyone is welcome. 
 +===== About the Host ===== 
 +Maya Kreidieh is a computer and communications engineer and a founding member and co-director at Lamba Labs. Her background is computer vision and its use in human-computer interfaces. She is currently researching new methods of monitoring, visualizing and interacting with the pervasive information surrounding us. Her interests also include generative art and personal fabrication. 
 +===== Attendance Fee ===== 
 +This workshop is donation based.  
 +===== Date & Time ===== 
 +Thursday 21st of March 
 +Time: 8pm till 10pm 
 +===== External event links ===== 
 +  * Facebook: https://​​events/​301968729932124/​
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