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Software Exploitation by Nadim Taha


The talk will cover the fundamentals of buffer overflows, briefly presenting the relevant parts of the x86 instruction set architecture. Some of the other pitfalls of the C programming language that often lead to security vulnerabilities will also be highlighted. If time permits common mitigation techniques will be explained.

Tools Required

Bring your laptops, an exploitation exercise will follow.

Audience Expertise Level

Attendees to this workshop have to be fairly comfortable with the C programming language. Naturally, C++ programmers are welcome as well

About the Host

Nadim Taha has been a computer security enthusiast since his early teenage years. He graduated from the American University of Beirut in 2011 with a BE in Computer Engineering and is currently pursuing a Masters in Information Security at Carnegie Mellon University.

Date & Time

Wednesday 9th of January
Time: 8pm

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