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 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-[[http://​​wiki/​AutoCAD| AutoCAD]] ​is one of the most widely used software applications for Computer Aided Design (CAD). This workshop introduces the very basic commands and features ​of AutoCAD ​in 2D. This workshop is mostly useful for engineersdesigners, architects, makers, developers and the curious minded. We will learn the most advanced CAD tool in a fun and easy way+AutoCAD is one of the most widely used software applications for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Bassam will introduce its very basic commands and features in 2D, in a fun and easy way!
-If there was interest in this wokshop, Bassam ​is planning to give a class of 5 sessions on AutoCAD bringing ​you from a beginner 2D AutoCAD designer to an advanced AutoCAD 3D master. +You might think that this workshop ​is mostly useful for engineers, designers, architects, developers, and makers and you'd be right BUT it's also an introduction,​ which means that, if you've ever been curious to learn, the barriers to entry couldn'​t ​be lower than this introductory,​ donation-based workshop!
- +
-What you need:  +
-  * Bring your laptops.  +
-  * Every attendant should have AutoCAD 2008 or above installed on their machines. (Let us know if you don'​t ​have AutoCAD installed)+
 +P.S. If there'​s interest in this workshop, Bassam is planning to give a series of 5AutoCAD classes that are aimed to bringing anyone interested from the beginner level- i.e. 2D AutoCAD hobbyist- to an advanced level- i.e. AutoCAD 3D Master!
 {{:​poster.png?​direct|}} {{:​poster.png?​direct|}}
-===== Audience ​Expertise ​Level =====+===== Audience ​Skill Level ===== 
 +Beginner- Requires a basic understanding/​idea of (or at least some curiosity towards) CAD design.
-The workshop requires a basic understanding of (or at least some curiosity towards) CAD design.+===== Tools Required ===== 
 +Please bring along your laptops, with AutoCAD 2008 or above installed. 
 +(Let us know if you don't have AutoCAD installed!)
 ===== About the Host ===== ===== About the Host =====
- +Bassam Jalgha is a Lamba Labs member ​at heart. He is a mechanical engineer ​with concentration in mechatronics ​and robotics. Currently he is an instructor at the American University of Beirutteaching Control ​Systems ​Lab, Mechatronics Laband Engineering Graphics ​courses ​among others. Bassam is also an electronics DIY geekhe tinkers a lot with robots and machines- and you can read more about his work on his blog[[http://​]]
-Bassam Jalgha is a Lamba Labs member ​by heart. He is a Mechanical Engineer ​with concentration in Mechatronics ​and Robotics. Currently he is serving as an instructor at the American University of Beirut teaching Control ​System ​Lab, Mechatronics Lab and Engineering Graphics among other materials Bassam is also an electronics DIY geekhe works alot with robots and machines. You can read about his work on his blog [[http://​]] +
- +
- +
 ===== Attendance Fee ===== ===== Attendance Fee =====
- +This workshoplike most Lamba Labs workshopsis donation-based
-This workshop like most Lamba Labs workshops is donation based. If there was enough interest, Bassam is willing to start a 5 session class on AutoCAD at Lamba Labs. +
 ===== Date & Time ===== ===== Date & Time =====
- +Tuesday 26th of February @ 8pm-9pm
-Thursday 7th of March \\ +
-Time: 8pm till 9pm+
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