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An Introduction to Vray by Ali Hammoud

This workshop will be given for the second time.


In this workshop, Ali Hamoud will cover the basic principles behind rendering and, more specifically, the use of Vray. This workshop is most useful for architects trying to take their visualizations to the next level and for graphic designers exploring new tools.

What you need:

  • Bring your laptops ! Every attendant should at least have 3DS Max installed (preferably 2011+).
  • Having Vray installed is a plus (any version is fine).

You don't have any of the those programs? Head our way, anyway; so many interesting tidbits will be revealed that may broaden your digital horizons.

Audience Expertise Level

The workshop requires a basic understanding of (or at least some curiosity towards) 3D design.

About the Host

Ali Hammoud is a 3D artist, based out of Russia, who currently resides in Lebanon. He is a self-taught designer who works with all kinds of visual projects. In 2011, his work was featured on the back page of the July issue of 3D World Magazine. Later that year, his work was again featured on the back page of the 36th edition of 3D Artist magazine. Here's a link to some of Ali's work : This guy has a lot to share !

Attendance Fee

The attendance fee for this workshop is 15$

Date & Time

Friday 5th of January Time: 4pm till 6pm

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