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Design & Branding Group

1. Mission Statement

We all understand the importance of branding for any entity, whether it's a corporate entity or a non profit organization. Branding is crucial, it's in simple terms: the medium with which the essence of a group is conveyed consistently to the world. Design is a critical component of communication. Having visually appealing communication channels is very important as it conveys explicit or subtle messages about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Quality is of critical. Since Lamba Lab's inception, we have relied on fast methods to meet critical deadlines which contributed to the development and design of non consistent tools and layouts of medium quality. Being pragmatic and quick in delivery was very important and still is. However now comes the time to really stress on the importance of design reflected in all our work and this groups task is to allow LLBH to reach that level.

We have great designers among us with extensive experience in illustration, brand creation and development, web design and marketing. It's a shame not to leverage the talents we have in our members.

2. Short and Long Term Goals

1. Re-branding and development of a consistent brand identity for Lamba Labs (including but not restricted to):
1.1 Logo and lockups (Multiple variations for different placements and usage).
1.2 Key Colors (Color palette defined in the logo)
1.3 Typefaces and typographic treatments (Choice of fonts for online and printed material, as well as styling guidelines for headers and text).

2. Promotional and Marketing Items (including but not restricted to):
2.1 Business Cards templates
2.2 Posters, Flyers and Brochure templates
2.3 Newsletter templates
2.4 Social Media elements (Header images, event flyers etc..)
2.5 Cover letters and email signatures

3. Online presence (including but not restricted to):
3.1 Main website design & layout
3.2 Blog design & layout
3.3 Wiki layout

3. The Team

(Temporary) Working Group Lead
Bassem Dghaidy

Lead Designers
Michelle Khalil
Michelle is a 23 year old Designer currently living in Montreal. Michelle graduated with a BFA in Design and was previously responsible for the design of our cookbook. You can find her portfolio here ( ) and it is evident that Michelle has great illustration and design talents.

Hala Hassan
Hala is a 22 year old Designer from Beirut. Hala graduated from the Lebanese American University with a BS in Graphic Design. Hala is an avid activist and has been the organizer and graphic designer for TEDxLAU. Hala also has extensive experience in Community Management combined with design and branding experience make her a key player in the current team. Hala's portfolio and previous work can be found here ( ).

Tamima Armanazi
Wael Slika

Digital Consultants
Marc Farra
Maya Kreidieh

4. The Strategy for 2013


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