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Lamba Labs Board

Lamba Labs board is elected every 6 months by members. We are here to help you, so don't hesitate to contact us!

Elected Board Members
PositionFull NameContact Email
Director Mahdi Zahreddinemahdi [at] lambalabs [dot] org
Director Marc Farramarc [at] lambalabs [dot] org
Treasurer Bassam Jalghabassam [at] lambalabs [dot] org
Keeper of Secrets
a.k.a. Secretary
Sara Sibaisara [at] lambalabs [dot] org
Money Penny Master
a.k.a Fundraiser
Tamima Armanazitamima [at] lambalabs [dot] org
Breaker, Breaker
a.k.a. Communications Manager
Raja Oueisraja [at] lambalabs [dot] org
Toymaster Hassane Slaibihassane [at] lambalabs [dot] org
Digital Identity Maya Kreidiehmaya [at] lambalabs [dot] org
The Engineer Bassem Dghaidybassem [at] lambalabs [dot] org
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