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Bassem Dghaidy

About Me

I solve the problems of tomorrow, with code.

Like all accomplished software developers I learned to appreciate programming at a young age. I refined and morphed my acquired talent throughout the years by constantly seeking challenge. Not intimidated by short term complexities, I meandered through the stacks and attained high levels of proficiency in multiple domains. The thrill of solving daunting challenges in a disciplined methodology, honed during my years of experience, opened the doors of opportunity to sprint full throttle and rise through the organizational chains.

The love of non-domain restricted knowledge and elevated interest in different fields and disciplines helped me discover hidden multi-disciplinary crossroads that, if harnessed properly, have a highly positive impact on creativity and novelty in designing efficient solutions. Recently I’ve been refining my skills in project management, business strategy, human resources management and communication, technical consulting and R&D. I’ve also been working on multiple hardware and mobile\web application prototypes, research in AI and specifically Machine Learning as well as the occasional technical consultancy for newly established startups.

I’m working on positioning myself in the “sweet” spot between project management, business development, and technical consultancy while maintaining my hands-on development proficiency because I truly believe that being a multi-disciplinary engineer of a high caliber is of essence in attaining success in the digital industry.

Interests and experience

Science, Software Development, DIY, Electronics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, Genetics, Human Interfaces, Natural Interfaces, Interactive Installations, Data Visualization, Systems, Big Data, Open Source movement, Open Hardware movement, Computer Security, Information Architecture, AI, Algorithms, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Music Production, Entrepreneurship and everything else related.


  • WPEntelligence: Ongoing research in the domain of Machine Learning specifically in web page classification. The purpose is to create, upgrade or enhance an automated web page classification and categorization algorithm that will be used in the development of an intelligent bookmarking and categorization solution. The project goes beyond semantics and text based statistical analysis.
  • Systems & Infrastructure Working Group: The purpose of creating the Systems & Infrastructure Working Group at LLBH is the development of a solid workflow framework that can be adopted by hackerspaces around the world to enhance and make their day to day operation more efficient. In addition, giving the members of hackerspaces visibility of its performance.
  • Design & Branding Working Group: Branding and Design are very important to any existing entity. Having a group dedicated to overseeing and implementing a branding strategy for LLBH has become a necessity as well as a priority. My goal with the Design and Branding group is to reach a stable operational level and to convey the importance of quality in design and that a mesh between the arts and technology is not just possible but a critical part of our future.
  • RRFVP: RFID Reading Field Visualization Probe (RRFVP) provides a setup for 3D mapping the reading volume of an RFID antenna in real time. The Probe's high level design is described in this blogpost.
  • SST: Space Status Tool (SST) is a notification system that will indicate the status of the space (open or closed) allowing the members who don't have access to the space to know whether someone is there or not. It's a simple project with a twist. Space Status Tool


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