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 ======3D printed work ====== ======3D printed work ======
 +This page will provide a library for all the 3D printed projects at Lamba Labs. These files are to be used under [[http://​​licenses/​by-sa/​3.0/​|CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported]] license.
 =====3D printed Lamba Labs Logo ===== =====3D printed Lamba Labs Logo =====
 +{{ :​8407557607_1aac7b6c87_z.jpg?​direct&​700 |}}
 +Click here for: 
 +[[https://​​u/​4924768/​Lamba%20Labs/​lambaunioned2.stl|STL file]],​[[https://​​u/​4924768/​Lamba%20Labs/​lambaunioned2.gcode|gcode file]]
 =====3D printed Creative Commons Logo ===== =====3D printed Creative Commons Logo =====
 +{{ :​ccautocad.png?​direct&​700 |}}
 +Click here for: 
 +[[https://​​u/​4924768/​Lamba%20Labs/​cc.dwg|AutoCAD .dwg file]],​[[https://​​u/​4924768/​Lamba%20Labs/​cc.stl|STL file]]
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