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مختبرات لمبة بيروت هاكرسبايس

مختبرات لمبة جمعية تعنى بالعمل التعاوني المتداخل الاختصاصات، تؤمّن مساحة لأفراد المجتمع ليتشاركوا بالمعلومات والتجارب، وليطوّروا ويبدعوا مشاريعهم الخاصة في جو من العمل التطبيقي والمعرفي في مجال التكنولوجيا والفن والعلوم

يدير هذه المختبرات أفراد الجمعية ويؤمنون لها الدعم المالي بهدف تيسير العمل التعاوني وتأمين الأدوات والمهارات اللازمة في مكان واحد. يمكن لأي محبّ للعلوم والفنون والتكنولوجيا أن ينضمّ إلى الجمعية في مساحة [[|Beirut Training Zone]] المتواجدة في منطقة الحمرا

. لمعرفة المزيد، شاهد هذا الفيديو القصير

Lamba Labs Beirut's First Hackerspace

Lamba Labs Beirut Hackerspace(LLBH) is an interdisciplinary collaboration that provides an open, accessible community space focused on the sharing of knowledge and hands on learning. All skill levels, from beginner to expert are welcome to experiment, develop and innovate in a climate conducive to the spread of know-how in the fields of technology, art and science.

The space is managed and funded by the community with the purpose to facilitate the sharing of skills, and to contain specialized tools and expertise together in a single location. We operate at Beirut Training Zone, located in Hamra near Bliss Street. We teach, we learn, we share. Watch a short video!

Why become a Lamba? How?

Benefits of being a Lamba

Lamba Labs is community. It is YOU!

As a member you will have access to the space, to the tools and to the shared expertise pool of the collective Lambas (your expertise will be added to the pool). Instead of spending your days in coffee shops with bad internet and noisy environment, you can come work at Lamba labs, we have :

  • High speed internet
  • Tools such as 3D printer, oscilloscope, and anything needed for electronic prototyping and development: soldering stations, variable power supplies, chips (ICs), sensors, actuators, basic electronics parts like resistors, programming boards like Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, modules, and many more.
  • Located at Beirut Training Zone : A very nice, serene space with a big kitchen and a large meeting area. Right in the heart of Beirut, Lamba Labs provides the perfect setting to be creative and get your work done.
  • Most Importantly If you become a member you will help in making the Lamba Labs community. You will be the community. Using your membership fee, we can get to pay rent and pay for utilities, but most importantly you can share your know how with the rest of us just like we will share ours with you. And you will get to work on your projects or other super awesomely cool interdisciplinary projects related to electronics, software, art etc.

Membership options

  • Member for a month : 35,000L.L (though we happily accept donations as well).

Membership fees go towards paying rent and utilities.

Let's keep the Lamba Lit!

Events and Classes

For detailed info about our upcoming events and event archive checkout our Lamba Labs Events page.

You don't need to be a member to take or give a class or workshop at Lamba Labs. All are welcome!


Intro Poster: How we explain ourselves to new visitors.

Press Coverage: mentions of Lamba Labs in the media.

Get in Touch

Getting to Lamba Labs

Makhoul Street, Hamra,
Next to Bakhaazi Medical Center, facing “Pace et Luce”
Building 22, 2nd Floor, Flat 21
Beirut, Lebanon

LAT: 33°53'54.6“N
LONG: 35°29'00.8”E


Lamba Labs is active! We began building Lamba Labs in September 2012. Since September 2012 we've had regular Monday organisational meetings.

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